Our Quality

We want the best for our branded products, therefore we care for high quality - from purchasing the materials and environmental friendly packaging to an appealing design.

Since POLIBOY endeavours to act environmentally appropriate, we try to bring ecological demands and economical necessities into accordance. Due to their impeccable quality some of our products have been certified with following awards:

Stiftung Warentest acknowledges POLIBOY Wet Wipes

Stiftung Warentest:"good" for POLIBOY Parquet Laminate Wet Wipes

In August 2009 the Stiftung Warentest tested POLIBOY Parquet Laminate Wet Wipes in comparison with nine other floor wipes and rated them as GUT (GOOD). Especially their good soil removing qualities were emphasized positively.

The positive test result substantiates the premium standard of POLIBOY.

Dermatest-seal for POLIBOY Wet Wipes

In an allergological-dermatological test all POLIBOY Wet Wipes achieved the result "very good".

To avoid skin irritations or allergic reactions, our Wet Wipes have been tested by Dermatest GmbH in Münster, Germany. Read more: http://www.dermatest.de/en/

All Wet Wipes passed the examination and therefore have been declared "dermatological tested" and "allergy screened".

Nature Care Product

All POLIBOY BIO products are certified as a Nature Care Product. The NCP standard is based on the nature. Generally allowed are chemically unmodified ingredients from a plant, animal or mineral origin. The natural substances originate as far as possible from organic controlled cultivation.


PEFC stands for an exemplary and responsible forestry that underlies strict international principals. Some of POLIBOY’s Wet Wipes contain 100% viscose certified by PEFC.

TÜV-Seal for POLIBOY Dustmaster Flatscreen Wet Wipes

Further wet wipes from POLIBOY have been certified by independent institutes. The Flatscreen Wet Wipes gained the German TÜV-seal in 2007.

These wet wipes clean TFT-, plasma-, or LCD-screens and -displays thoroughly and likewise gently. They are suitable for screens of cameras, phones, mp3-player or navigation devices.

POLIBOY Bio-Series is an ecologically clean matter

POLIBOY Bio products are certified by the independent institute EcoControl. EcoControl is an inspection and certification office for ecological non-food products and quality assurance systems according to prescribed standards as well as special ECO Guarantee standards. This ensures, that all utilized ingredients have either been obtained directly from nature (e.g. essential oils) or are manufactured entirely from natural ingredients (e.g. sugar tensides made from starch and coconut oil). Read more: www.eco-control.com/en/

Silver care cloth accomplishes OEKO-TEX® standards

According to strict criteria, the international independent testing institutes of Oeko-Tex® examine whether textiles are harmless for health. Read more: https://www.oeko-tex.com

Confidence in Textiles – a worldwide synonym for responsible textile manufacture from tip to toe - starting with the raw goods and closing with the final product..

POLIBOY Kitchen Wet Wipes - food-safe

ISEGA classifies POLIBOY Kitchen Wet Wipes as suitable and uncritical for the cleaning of the kitchen area where food is stored and arranged. The Wet Wipes are certified to be food-safe. Read more: http://www.isega.de