Company History


POLIBOY becomes a German Brand of the century and one exclusive representatives of German standarts.


POLIBOY relaunch

From the beginning POLIBOY acts with a great sense of responsibility for humans and the environment. This is shown in the logo and the design.

85 years of POLIBOY…

…tradition, experience and competence of over 85 years.


80 years of POLIBOY…

the pleasant POLIBOY and the orange color characterize the new design of the brand.


75 years of POLIBOY & farewell to Mr. Brandt

For the 75th anniversary the managing director Ulrich Brandt says goodbye to POLIBOY after 40 years. Further on he will accompany and support the company.


The innovation: Wet Wipes

2002 POLIBOY develops a new product category: Furniture wet wipes are the first impregnated cloths in Germany especially developed for wooden surfaces. Within the following years further wet wipes will appear for e.g. flatscreens and floors.


New managing director: Mr. Emigholz

From now on Mr. Emigholz will strengthen the management and lead the company together with Mr. Brandt.

1990 - 1999

Five ASU - awards

POLIBOY receives five awards for environmentally conscious management by the team of independent businessman.


The spraymatic head

Launch of the first furniture care spraymatic bottle in Germany by POLIBOY. By this innovation furniture care can be sprayed on without propellant very easily.


Own laboratory

With its own laboratory POLIBOY initiates an independent research and development. New, ecofriendly products will be developed and improved continuously.


New managing director: Mr. Brandt

Mr. Ulrich Brandt follows his father’s footsteps and starts working in the company’s management.


POLIBOY on television

In 1962 POLIBOY already appears on the TV screen with his friendly saying: “I’m already here”.


Move to Lilienthal

The production plant in Gröpelingen, a district of Bremen, was devastated by the bombing in 1943/44 and the production temporarily took place on emergency premises. In 1952 the company moves to Lilienthal and step by step it expands by extending distribution to all parts of Germany.



When the merchandise categories are merged by the German Patent Office in 1951, conflicts regarding the name POLIROL arise because of an older brand that is carrying the same name. The brand POLIROL will therefore be renamed as POLIBOY.


POLIROL furniture and floor glossy oil

Launch of the first furniture care that creates shine without polishing. This formula builds the origin of the present furniture intensive care.


Company foundation

In 1930 A. Brandt and O. Walther establish the Brandt & Walther GmbH in Bremen, specialized in grain trade and imports.