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Our Sustainability

Our products ensure a long life lasting of beautiful items. That applies to our furniture and surfaces that should be maintained consistently – and as well to the nature whose resources we conserve thereby.

We want the nature also to be on our side in the future.

Since 1967 POLIBOY has already been working in accordance with sustainability principles. By establishing its own laboratory, POLIBOY determined the following principles:

  • Superior quality: "The better product"
  • Natural active agents
  • The most environmentally friendly solution

Mother Nature is grateful to POLIBOY

Mother Nature is grateful to Poliboy. But why exactly?

Guaranteed sustainability by POLIBOY

The focus on sustainability spans the entire POLIBOY value chain and is firmly established in the company’s entrepreneurial activities. Guaranteed sustainability on an environmental, economic and social level - that has been audited and certified (certificate No. 40052776,

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The base of POLIBOY’s company policy is the people that represent the core of the company’s thoughts and actions. Following this policy, the company’s principles and targets have been derived.