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Garden furniture is exposed to weather - rain, wind and insolation harm the materials. The POLIBOY care and cleaning products freshen up the colours and strengthen their resistivity - for cosy hours to spend in your garden.

Why treat garden furniture?

On mild summer evenings, there is nothing better than a BBQ with friends and family in the garden. However, it rained beforehand and the wind has has scattered leaves on the garden table and chairs, leaving everything looking dirty and stained.

If you have garden furniture made of teak or other hardwood, you should treat it with teak oil, so that the wood shines in its original warm shade again. When used regularly, the wood stays resistant to dirt, algae and water.


Garden furniture is often outdoors all year round or at least for the whole summer. Rain, wind and sun wear down the surfaces and make them look unsightly. As well as this, leaves and pollen settle on the furniture and stick to the surfaces. Wood fades to a grey hue; plastic furniture discolours and is difficult to get clean again after the season.

In order to protect valuable wooden furniture made of teak or other hardwood, regular care with a rich wood care product is recommended. The treatment refreshes the colours, emphasises the natural wood structure and thoroughly cleans the surfaces. In addition, the oil content in the care product protects it against further influences and thus preserves the beauty of the wood.

Garden furniture made of plastic is mostly colourful, washable and robust. Stains and signs of wear should however be removed with special plastic cleaners. These lend new lustre and prevent new signs of wear from becoming stubborn stains. The plastic cleaner cleans efficiently and removes dirt, grease and dust without great effo

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