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Leather is a natural product. Regular care preserves its beauty and the natural protection function.

The Leather Care in action

Leather care – why?

Leather is a long-lasting natural product. But it gets dirty by sweat, sun, humidity, pets, etc. and dries out. To maintain the beauty, form and the natural protection function, a regular care is needed.

Especially daily used leather items should get impregnated and nurtured to maintain its natural smoothness and the fresh appearance. That’s why care products contain wool grease (lanolin), oils and waxes.

Tipps und Tricks

Ballpoint pen marks are often indelible and therefore only hardly removable. The earlier the stains can be treated the higher is the chance to remove them. Firstly an adhesive strip, e.g. Tesa®, needs to be glued on the stain and be removed. That should be repeated until there is no link left on the strip anymore. Afterwards the stain should be treated with POLIBOY Leather Cleaner. Use the product only on the stained areas, e.g. with a cotton swab. Do not rub strongly and always test before on an inconspicuous area.

Liquid products for smooth leather:

For a gentle cleansing and care of all smooth and grained leather in all colours one should in general use liquid products, pastes and creams. Natural bees- and carnauba wax maintains the leather resistant, comfortable smooth and freshens up the colours. The regular application protects the leather from moisture and stains.

E.g. POLIBOY Leather Intensive Care

Wet wipes for smooth leather:

Leather Care Wet Wipes can be used easily and quickly. The wet wipes are immediately applicable for a fast leather care at home and on the way. Gentle care substances remove dirt on smooth and grained lather with one wipe.

E.g. POLIBOY Leather Care Wet Wipes


POLIBOY Leather Cleaner suits for an easy and quick cleaning – especially for larger areas. In contrast to convenient soap for saddles, this cleaner can be sprayed on directly and rubbed with a sponge or cloth. The dirt will be absorbed with the foam. The leather can easily dry.

E.g. POLIBOY Leather Cleaner

  • The compatibility of care substances should always be tested at an inconspicuous area.
  • The basic impregnation protects against soling, e.g. from snow in winter.
  • Leather clothes should always be kept in an airy place (not in an hermetical plastic bag).
  • Leather furniture should not be placed in the direct sun or close to the heating – otherwise the leather could bleach out quickly and become brittle and chapped.
  • Let wet leather dry slowly at room temperature – if necessary use towels to squeeze it slightly before.
  • Don’t use solvents or stain remover to eliminate stains, often it is enough to roughen, to rub or brush it off.
  • Leather should only be given to the dry cleaner if you can’t remove the stain by yourself or if the stain is too heavy. Frequent dry cleaning bleaches out the leather, it becomes blunt and stiff. Therefore it is important to dry clean suits and all associated components at the same time. Otherwise colour deviations could occur.
  • For an impregnation hang up the clothes and apply the care product thinly and evenly. Repeated application increases the impregnation effect.

Care and Cleaning Products

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