POLIBOY Mission Statement:

"For decades we at POLIBOY have believed that, as a part of the global community, we must work to ensure our planet is worth living in for generations to come. Therefore, we are continuously researching how we can improve our products so that they are not only first class in quality, but also do not burden our beautiful word. Only when we truly achieve this balance, will we be satisfied."

Torsten Emigholz, Managing Director

POLIBOY Organic is the logical extension of our sustainable thinking: It's the organic care product range for floors, bath rooms, kitchen and furniture. The products are produced a 100% on a natural basis.

Sustainable cleaning & care with POLIBOY Organic:

  • only based on natural and renewable raw materials
  • with completely biodegradable surfactants
  • without synthetic materials such as solvents, fragrances or colourants
  • cleans using environmentally friendly sugar surfactants
  • bottle manufactured from 100% recyclate
  • fresh aroma of natural essential oils
  • certified by the independent quality assurance institute Eco-Control and in accordance with
    the Nature Care Products Standard
  • all POLIBOY products are vegan

Organic Cleaner

Tips and Tricks

For all products it is important to consider the optimal dosage. The motto “The more, the better” doesn’t suit in most cases. It is the optimal dosage that leads to the best result.

The environment can be saved in best possible way by using POLIBOY products. In contrast to many convenient cleaning and caring products that are mostly based on crude oil, POLIBOY only uses natural ingredients for the POLIBOY Bio products. This saves the environment, because the ingredients are regrowing and therefore completely degradable. On top the energy consumption of the production is lowered by using natural ingredients.

All POLIBOY Bio products consist solely of vegetable and mineral ingredients. Even in the processing of the raw materials there is no contact to animal components. POLIBOY Bio products can therefore be used by vegans without hesitations.