Wherever the journey takes you, with POLIBOY your shoes stay smooth and resistant. POLIBOY offers products for effective impregnation, intensive care and vivid glance. 

Leather Care in action

Why polish shoes?

Clothes make the person, as the saying goes. This also includes stylish leather shoes. Sometimes we get taken by surprise by a rain shower while out and about and end up with mud and dirt splatters oll over our shoes. This is particularly annoying if we are on business or even on the way to a party, because dirty shoes look messy.

Shoe polish wipes can help you out quickly here. Coming in practical pocket-sized packs, they fit into any bag. The wet wipes not only clean shoes quickly, they also provide new shine and care for the leather. Shoes made of genuine leather are usually expensive, so polish your favourite shoes regularly to keep them for longer than just one season.

Background: Shoes protect our feet and carry us everywhere. They brave the heat, sun, rain, puddles and dirt. We have to take care of our shoes so that they are able to withstand this strain.

Firstly, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned from all external influences without damaging them. Since leather and artificial leather are similar in their characteristics but different in structure, a suitable cleaner should be used. Subsequent treatment with a special care product refreshes the colours and protects the shoes from moisture and new spots with special impregnating materials.  The leather care product ensures that the leather stays supple for longer. It nourishes it and also keeps it robust.

It is often cumbersome to take extra liquid leather cleaning and care products with you when you are out and about. You do not normally carry a bag full of shoe care products with you when travelling, during important appointments and special events. However, these are precisely the times when it is especially annoying to find that your lovely shoes are filthy. For these situations, there are practical shoe wipes that fit into every bag and clean and care for your shoes with just one wipe while you are on the g

Cleaning and care products for your shoes