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The atmosphere of a living room is significantly determined by the floor covering. Parquet, laminate, marble, tiles or vinyl have different requirements for an effective care. POLIBOY has developed a highly efficient concentrate for these special demands. Just a few splashes are sufficient for a whole bucket.


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POLIBOY floor cleaners offer pure care thanks to high-quality ingredients such as orange and avocado oil or carnauba wax. All five recipes are perfectly tailored to the needs of the floors, because real wood parquet is not like artificial laminate and robust tiles are not like high-quality marble.

Thanks to the strong concentration of our products, the 500 ml bottles are transported with less CO2 and are twice as efficient as conventional, more diluteted cleaners. At home you can easily dose our concentrates with water.

Our bottles are also made of at least 30% recycled plastic and can be returned to the recycling cycle, where their material can be reused.

Tips & tricks

Laminate is a wood reproduction and consists of a fibreboard that is coated with photographic paper and covered with a protection layer, often melamine resin. A high-density fibreboard (HDF) forms the backing layer. On the bottom a counter draw protects the flooring against deformation and ground waves. The selection of decors ranges from wood to stone and up to fantasy decor. Laminate is a particularly stain-insensitive, resistant against scratches and abrasion and lightfast.

The POLIBOY Laminate Care Concentrate with 100% pure orange oil provides a strong cleaning with a reliable moisture protection. The vegetable components acts dust binding for a streak-free shine and hygienic freshness. For heavy soiling, the concentrate can be dosed higher and stains can even be treated with pure concentrate. After application, the object should be wiped with a damp cloth.

Although laminate floorings are resistant to moisture, you need to take care that no water enters the joints, as for all other wooden floorings as well. The water lets the material swell and the upper protection layer rupture.

Small superficial scratches on parquet or laminate floorings can easily be covered with the POLIBOY Furniture Polish Light. Only apply the product onto a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe over the small scratches on the surface. Eventually the application needs to be repeated.

Cork floorings are made of the bark of the cork oak which grows in Spain, Portugal and the other Mediterranean countries. For the production of cork parquets the bark needs to be shredded, mixed with natural resins and pressed in blocks of which the cork plates will be cut afterwards. Then the cork plates will honed from one side. The advantage of cork plates is that they are anti-slip, elastic, sound absorbing, and very resistant. Cork floorings provide a pleasant atmosphere and are foot warm.

The cleaning of cork floorings is very easy. Just sweep or vacuum it regularly and wipe it wetly from time to time. POLIBOY Laminate Care Concentrate with 100% pure orange oil is optimal suitable for this cleaning case. The vegetable components act dust binding and care for a hygienic freshness.

Sensitive natural stone floorings, e.g. marble or granite, need a special care and protection. Marble has a porous structure and is very irritable against acid and strong detergents.

Granite is less sensitive and weather-resistant. Convenient cleaner on a polymer basis are only insufficiently suitable for these surfaces because they leave streaks and reduce the natural gloss. Best suitable is a solvent-free care with nurturing waxes that generate a deep gloss and a long-term protection of the stone and marble surfaces. Dust can’t enter into the stone or joints and can be removed completely.

E.g. POLIBOY Marble Granite Care

Linoleum is a natural floor covering that is produced environmentally friendly from renewable resources and which became very popular again. Linseed oil, resins, cork, wood- and limestone meal are still the main components of the flooring. The basic mass needs to be applied in a hot state on the backing layer of jute. Afterwards it needs to cool down and dry until it receives the needed stability. Linoleum is robust, long-lasting, antistatic and hygienic, but due to the organic components (cork- and wood meal) it is more sensitive than the synthetic floorings. There is a risk that due to permanent humidity the floorings could swell and that the alkaline substances cause e.g. a discoloration. For a cleaning after the initial care, the floor should be wiped with a slightly damp wipe care.

E.g. POLIBOY Laminate Care Concentrate