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Precious metals - if jewellery or cutlery - tarnish sooner or later and become dull. The POLIBOY silver and metal care products return its original splendour and protect against tarnish and finger marks.


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Tips and Tricks

Tin items can be cleaned and cared with the POLIBOY Silver Intensive Care. Slight marks of tarnishing can also be removed with the POLIBOY Silver Care Cloth.

If jewellery or cutlery made of silver, the precious metals tarnish sooner or later and lose its shine. The reason for this are fats, acids and humidity that cause a superficial corrosion of the silverware. Since silver is a very soft metal, it needs to be cared gentle and cleaned to maintain the beauty of your valuable silver.

For easily tarnishing silver it is possible to simply rub it with a silver care cloth to give the item new shine and a good tarnishing protection. With a silver care cloth also brass, copper and gold items can be cleaned from tarnish.

E.g. POLIBOY Silver Care Cloth

For strongly tarnished or larger silverware it is recommended to use a care cream. Apply the silver care on a sponge and rub the silver items with it. Afterwards rinse them with water and dry. To maintain a beautiful shine and a better tarnish protection, the items could also be polished with a silver cloth afterwards.

E.g. POLIBOY Silver Intensive Care

For smaller items, like jewellery and cutlery, immersion baths are best suitable. Attention: Not suitable for jewellery with pearls, corals and other sensitive gemstones. These could discolour in the liquid. It is practical to use immersion bath products with a basket, because they provide a cleaning without skin contact to the fluid.

E.g. POLIBOY Silver Gold Bath

Tarnished areas on silver jewellery can easily get removed not only with our POLIBOY Silver Intensive Care but also with the POLIBOY Silver Care Cloth and the POLIBOY Silver Gold Bath. It is self-acting even on less contactable parts.

Due to different alloys and cosmetic deposits on all sorts of jewellery, espacially for link-chains, there is a possibility for superficial coloring and coating (white, yellow or darker discoloration). Those are easy to remove with POLIBOY Silver Intensive Care.

To achive the best results we recommend to clear alloys and deposits of jewellery, before putting it into the POLIBOY Silver Gold Bath. Most practical is the use of lukewarm water, dish washing liquid and if needed a soft brush or an ultrasonic bath. 

In general silver cutlery is suitable for dish washers. But some dishwashing detergents could cause discolorations due to the different additives, e.g. glass protection. Best suitable are dishwashing detergents that only contain cleaning agents without any further functions. By cleaning the silverware with POLIBOY products, no discolorations will appear. After rinsing off the rests of the product, the cutlery can be used unconsidered.

E.g. POLIBOY Silver Gold Bath

This electrolytic cleaning only works in a laboratory under optimal circumstances. At home the silverware often becomes stained and inconsistent clean. That’s why the cleaning effort is higher as if one would use a suitable silver cleaning agent.

Don’t use any sponges that contain metals (e.g. Abrazo) for silver surfaces. Even if silver is a hard metal, is has a soft surface that could get scratched.