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Dirt, sunlight and wear and tear: Our furniture is exposed to many challenges every day. With the right cleaning and care, our furnishings will stay beautiful for a long time. Wood in particular needs an intensive refresh from time to time. POLIBOY is an expert in this area and offers the perfect cleaning and care solution for every surface.


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Oiled and leached "organic furniture" should be cared with POLIBOY Furniture Oil. It cares, protects and can be used in the kitchen, e.g. for wooden cutting boards, because it is food-safe.

Waxed and untreated furniture – antique or modern – can be cared best with wax. POLIBOY Furniture Wax and SCHRADERS Antique Wax give untreated wood the necessary protection against traces of usage. Already waxed surfaces should also be treated with wax regularly to maintain the protective effect.

Many antique furniture items or musical instruments are treated with shellac. These surfaces are very sensitive and can get damaged by using care agents. For these valuable items we recommend our approved POLIBOY Furniture Intensive Care which cleans and cares without damaging the surfaces.

To remove drawings of crayons or water-soluble felt pens, e.g. off lacquered furniture surfaces, on can easily use the POLIBOY Furniture Wet Wipes. Just remove cloth from the package and wipe over the surfaces.

POLIBOY Furniture Polish Light is perfectly suited to care and freshen up slate, e.g. as an insert of tables. Only apply some polish onto a clean, lint-free cloth and polish evenly and thinly on the surface.

Teak needs a very oily basic care. POLIBOY Teak Oil maintains the natural character of the wood and freshens up the colour by a subtle colour pigmentation.
For garden furniture, soiling should be removed first with the POLIBOY Garden Furniture Cleaner.